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Hi, my name is David! I specialize in Flash applications, Joomla development, and valid, semantic XHTML and CSS. I am no longer available for freelance.

Currently working with

  • X/HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • DOM
  • AJAX
  • Database
  • Stored Procedures
  • C#
  • Flash / Actionscript
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Research
  • git

Ongoing Projects

  • Pioneer Marketing / E3 Roofing
  • 3 Stories / The University of Tulsa
  • Alzheimer's Association - Heart of America Chapter
  • Loftin and Associates
  • Birnam Designs v3.5

Who is David Woods?

Hi! I'm a freelance developer with 12 years of experience and counting. I'm also a really lucky guy – my job and my hobby are the same thing!

In other words, when I'm not developing websites, I'm ... developing websites. Or obsessively learning everything I can about it. It's just who I am.

Want to know more? I've put together some trivia. Here are a few at random:

  • I love using the command line
  • I hand-code everything with Vim
  • I love regular expressions
  • My favorite part of being a developer is solving unique challenges

What Can I Expect?

Professionalism, expertise, experience, and above all quality

XHTML 1.0 Strict that is clean, semantic, accessible, and readable. Tested against Chrome, Firefox, IE 7 and 8, Opera, Safari, and others by request.

Progressive enhancement to utilize the best of what's new, while keeping pages looking good in older browsers.

Actionscript 3 code that is fully OOP structured, event-driven, clean, easy to modify and extend, and quick to load.

Flash movies that run dynamically off an XML-formatted config file so the content and most other aspects can be changed without modifying the flash file, or even controlled by a content management system.

And more!